LA BOHEME COLLECTIVE is more than a boutique, it's a dream come true. Our Founder Danielle Perea has her roots in digital strategy and casino marketing in Las Vegas, but she worked hard every day to develop her brand and make her dreams come to life. She birthed the idea of LA BOHEME COLLECTIVE in 2020. Then, one day, she finally asked herself the question,"Why wait?"

LA BOHEME COLLECTIVE finally made its debut in September 2021.

By utilizing her social platform and established voice on Instagram (@danielleperea) to connect with her community offline, she formed the best friendships with her tribe who worked so hard to help launch her new lifestyle brand, and for that, she is eternally grateful. LA BOHEME COLLECTIVE offers all the things she loves: eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced pieces at an affordable price accessible to everyone. 

We hope to build a community supporting small batch, eco-friendly vendors and artisans. We hope that by supporting us, you start to embody #LaBohemeLife